Some thoughts, ideas and insights.

It is all about MOVING!

Staying still is easy – it takes the least amount of effort. Moving on the other hand takes enormous effort, and sometimes it isn’t just physical.
But what is moving? It isn’t just moving house, moving location or moving furniture. The most important move is the one that happens internally.

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Three little words that mean almost as much as another three that I use regularly. But why are these harder to utter?

Maybe it is because many people have been brought up with the need to ‘fix’ things, to be the expert because they are respected. Anyone who doesn’t know must be stupid. It has just been that way.

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This is how leaders are made…

All too often I hear the phrase ‘leaders are born not made’ as if it is some innate and intrinsic skill that only some of us have the ability to perform. Whilst this may be true at times, it also equally true that leadership is a skill that can be learnt. In fact, most leaders I have worked with have been ones that have worked hard to master the skills of leadership.

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