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Working with
Ozmosis Leadership

There are three areas that will come into focus – strategy, leadership and change. Depending on your particular needs, the emphasis will vary.

Working with Leaders

So, what makes an exceptional leader? The most important element is to have the mindset of the leader and being prepared to be uncomfortable a lot of the time. It is knowing when to step up and when to step back.
Being a leader is as much about being authentic as it is about humility. It is about recognising others and championing their talents and achievements. They lead from the front and face adversity without fear.
Working with Ozmosis Leadership you will develop your true leadership style to help you to improve your performance, your mindset and motivation. This in turn will help you to lead your team more effectively.

Working with Teams

Teams are vital to project and business success. It is said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This statement is never truer than with teams.
As a first step we will take the team through an Extended DISC exercise to discover what behaviours are at play within that may be preventing them from reaching their true potential, both individually and as a team – what dynamic may be hindering clear communication and causing misunderstanding. The next step would be to help the team understand and appreciate the unique skills each member brings to the table.
Developing your team through coaching enables you as a leader to enhance your teams’ capability and performance, whilst increasing the levels of engagement and trust that needs to exist between you and your team.


We help you identify and surface your strategic direction and purpose. This is done by clearly redefining and articulating your purpose, vision, mission and goals. Together with industry analysis we form a road map on how to get there, with the right people on the bus.


With expanded insight into yourself and how you operate, you lead with greater clarity and impact. This includes developing an authentic, effective leadership style and having a realistic view of your organization and your effect on the people around you.


We all have a unique relationship to change and the energy we have to harness it. Through an Extended DISC profile we can determine where your innate behaviour lives and what themes may be preventing you from the change you need.

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